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How is a franchise attorney better equipped to help me?

| Jan 7, 2021 | Franchise Law |

Purchasing a franchise is an important decision with a contract that typically lasts five years or more. Before making such a significant commitment, you know you need knowledgeable help.

Sometimes the difficulty in choosing a lawyer is understanding how their experience matters. While most attorneys go to similarly formatted law schools, their time both in school and after graduation makes a critical difference in how they can support you and your future franchise.

Here’s what a skilled franchise attorney brings to the table as you prepare to become a franchisee.

Armed with experience

Something doctors and lawyers have in common is that both go to a general school for their education and then specialize from there. In the same way, you would not go to a general practitioner for brain surgery; you should also seek an attorney who specializes in franchise law when you are a prospective franchisee.

While a business lawyer may understand the contracts you need to review, they will not know what is typical for a franchise agreement. A franchise attorney will have experience with some of the more common franchises and can give you advice about how they tend to partner with their franchisees.

A teammate in the process

When you hire an experienced franchise attorney, you have someone to represent your interests as you pursue a franchise arrangement. As you move forward, you will have many questions about the functions and obligations of a franchise.

One benefit of a franchise attorney is having someone think of the questions you may not realize you need to ask. For example, prospective franchisees tend to be most concerned with the cost that comes with the franchise. While the price is important, franchisees often forget to ask about the support they will receive from the franchisor.

With years of experience helping future franchisees protect their interests, a franchise attorney can support your endeavor to own a franchise.