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Our Nationwide Franchise And Distribution Law Counsel

Franchising can be a great solution for professionals who seek the independence of owning a business and for companies who want to expand. With proper communication and care, each party can build a productive relationship and meet their goals.

However, these relationships and businesses are not always simple to maintain. One or more parties may find themselves in conflict with the law or each other. At Madigan, Dahl & Harlan, P.A., we work to facilitate franchise ownership and operation through ongoing and responsive legal support. We want to get to know you and your goals so that we can help steer you toward achieving them.

Who We Represent

The skilled business law attorneys at Madigan, Dahl & Harlan, P.A. assist franchisees, distributors and dealers in the Twin Cities area as well as across the United States. We aim to protect our clients’ interests, whether they are a franchisor, franchisee or franchise affiliate. Our law firm also has a unique reputation for representing franchises and manufacturers within the alcoholic beverage industry.

Our Franchise And Distribution Law Services

Our talented lawyers offer counsel regarding:

  • Purchase or sale of a franchise, including franchise disclosure
  • Regulatory compliance and local law
  • Coordination of restructuring or reorganizing franchises
  • Franchise disputes, including commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Antitrust violations and misrepresentation allegations
  • Intellectual property, marketing and advertising
  • Earnings, royalties, taxes and other financial issues
  • Government contracts
  • Commercial real estate and property matters

Our goals are your goals. We focus on the legal implications, risks and opportunities to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Secure Counsel For Your Franchise Needs

With attentive legal guidance, you may have a higher chance of recognizing potential risks and structuring your business for long-term success. Call 612-604-2000 or contact our Minneapolis franchise attorneys through our contact form.