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Attentive Counsel For Land Use And Zoning Matters

Before you purchase, alter or use a property, you will need to know what you can do with that property. Land use and zoning law can impact how you plan a development, conduct your business, manage tenants, complete renovations and more.

With extensive experience in both commercial and residential real estate law, the team of attorneys at Madigan, Dahl & Harlan, P.A., can help you with the legal aspects of your property. Land use issues can develop at any point — and we can help you avoid violations and address problems.

Common Conflicts Involving Land Use And Zoning

Obstacles and disputes regarding property use frequently include:

  • New zoning ordinances
  • Limitations to development projects, such as the size or type of building
  • The distance of buildings, home additions, garages, fencing, or other structures to the street or property boundary
  • Limitations to the number of tenants or units of tenancy
  • Public services that require access to private property, such as utilities and power lines
  • Easements and encroachment issues

It can be frustrating to suddenly discover that you cannot use your property in the way that you planned. If you face a land use or zoning issue, our real estate lawyers are ready to advocate for your rights as a property owner.

Evaluating The Options And Limitations Of A Property

Whether you are preparing to buy a plot of land or a finished building, the official use and zoning of the property might be different from what you may see or initially believe. The seller might not have the correct information, which is why completing your own research and evaluation is important.

To be sure that you can use the land according to your plans and needs, get a comprehensive evaluation from Madigan, Dahl & Harlan, P.A. Our attorneys can walk you through the restrictions that the property may have before you purchase it or violate its land use rules. We offer complete evaluations that check for zoning, easements, restrictive covenants and more.

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