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Minneapolis Lawyers For Business Mergers And Acquisitions

Madigan, Dahl & Harlan, P.A., is an excellent resource if you are preparing to buy a business, sell a business or merge two companies to strengthen your market position. Our Minneapolis business mergers and acquisitions attorneys bring together many decades of experience evaluating and structuring complex transactions, helping our clients minimize their risk exposure, and position their new or expanded entities for success.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Buy-Sell Agreement Attorneys · Extensive Experience Completing Complex Business Transactions

Our business transactions knowledge is deep and extensive. In addition, our Minnesota-based lawyers’ broader business law experience is an essential asset for completion of successful deal closings and avoidance of disputes that can lead to costly litigation. Our clients have included numerous:

  • Sellers focused on maximizing the price and transferring as much risk as possible to the buyer
  • Prospective buyers focused on obtaining the most advantageous financing available, ensuring that due diligence in valuation of the target company has been performed
  • Parties on both sides of transactions concerned about tax liability, other financial issues, and operational issues once the merger or acquisition is completed
  • Dealers, manufacturers and other companies engaged in a wide range of commercial sectors, including alcohol beverage sales and distribution, real estate development, construction, petroleum-based products, and emerging technologies

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If you are determined to grow your enterprise through a merger or acquisition, we can help make it happen. If you want to sell and move on, having quality legal counsel on your side could make all the difference in the overall outcome of that sale.

To work with a law firm committed to providing attentive personal service from day one through every phase of your transaction and beyond, we encourage you to contact our offices and arrange a consultation. Call 612-604-2000.