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Is your management style getting the best from your staff?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Employment Law |

Employees can be your greatest asset. In addition to completing tasks, they bring ideas that can help you develop your business.

Often, when employees and managers understand each other, they can accomplish a lot for the company. Unfortunately, some management styles do not work well with specific employees.

Here’s what you should consider as you adjust your style to get the best out of your employees.

Look for the best

Some employees prefer to be left alone, while others thrive on collaboration with peers or a manager. Pay attention to when your employees do their best work and help them stay in that mindset.

While you may not always be able to give an employee their ideal work environment, you might see adjustments you can make to help them succeed.

Avoid problematic behaviors

When you are managing a group of employees, it is important to adjust your style to be effective for each employee. While one employee may appreciate a “tough love” approach, another may feel bullied by the same tactic.

If you notice a management method is not working for your employee, take a moment to check in with them while acknowledging that you made a mistake. Ask the employee for ideas for the best approach to managing their work activities.

Use nonverbal cues to problem-solve

Employees often do not speak up when they are unhappy, but you might see it through facial expressions and body language. It may be tempting to brush these signals off as an employee with a poor attitude.

Nonverbal cues can help you create a more productive environment for your employees. Workers who tune out during meetings might feel the meeting is a waste of time or at a busy time of day. Staff who are chronically late might benefit from an adjusted work schedule.

As you adjust your management style to support your employees, make room for adjustments. With the right support, you and your employees can make your business more successful.